Ancilla College Encourages Prospective Students to Visit

Ancilla College NEWProspective college students and their parents can get their questions about college in general and Ancilla College in particular answered during an upcoming event. The school is hosting an Access Ancilla Day on Thursday, Oct. 23. Vice President for Admissions Eric Wignall says the event gets under way at noon EDT on the Donaldson campus. He says it’s open to all ages but especially encourages high school juniors and seniors and their parents to drop by for a visit. Campus tours will be offered, and officials will be on hand to answer questions about financial aid.

Wignall adds there’s no obligation to attend Ancilla.

“Yes, I want people to come to Ancilla College, let’s be honest about that. But if you’ve got questions about college in general, we’ll still answer those questions. We’ll still work with you. That’s part of our mission.”

A lot of students in the immediate area are the first in their families to attend college. Wignall says even parents who went to school will find a lot has changed in the past 20 years with regard to admissions, financial aid and scholarships. He says Access Ancilla Day gives parents a chance to get schooled about that process all over again.

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