Ancilla Offers Lifeline to ITT Tech Students

Ancilla College NEWProspective ITT Technical Institute students have another higher education option close to home. The Carmel-based for-profit college announced earlier this week it is suspending new admissions at its South Bend campus.

A story on the website  Inside Higher Ed quotes a school spokeswoman as saying the move is due to “market assessments.” The school is also under scrutiny by federal regulators amid allegations of financial wrongdoing. Ancilla College Vice President of Enrollment Management Eric Wignall says students are the ones who suffer in situations like these.

“A lot of students are looking at these kinds of institutions as a quick way to get an educational credential, a certificate, a diploma, and the fact is Ancilla is a very, very different institution. We’re much smaller, obviously, but we do offer for anyone in the region a chance to get a college education or a certificate that will help them get employed down the road, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Wignall encourages students who aren’t sure of their next step to fill out a no-obligation application to Ancilla.

“We offer a lot of person-to-person advising. We’ll sit down with them and make a plan for what credits they may have earned at other insitutions, whether or not they’ve had a GED or high school diploma. We’re open to any student who’s interested in making a new start.”

Wignall says enrollment is underway for spring semester classes, which start in January. He says many students start out attending part time and notes those with little or no college experience can try Ancilla on for size.

“If they haven’t really started, or they started somewhere and didn’t do very well, we’ll still allow them to come in as part of the We Believe in You program. That’s a program sponsored by the college that says you get one free course, on us. So if you have less than nine credit hours earned from any college, anywhere in the country, you can come in to Ancilla College and get that one free course, get your feet wet, find out what it’s like, talk to advisors.”

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