Consulting Firm Anticipates Savings for Pulaski Bridge Repair Work

Pulaski County CourthouseUnited Consulting and the Pulaski County Highway Department have been working together to propose bridge repair work in the near future.

During Monday night’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting, Jeff Larrison – a representative of the company – provided the information. Pulaski County saw several of its bridges receive low quality ratings, meaning they are subject to annual inspection.

One of the bridges can likely be addressed through culver replacement. Larrison says another bridge proposed for fixes is in Pulaski County’s top five list for deficient structures.

“We’ve put together an engineer’s report that’s a detailed explanation of what you have now, what you’re proposing, and then a detailed cost estimate,” says Larrison.

Among the sensitive areas for the discussion is just how Pulaski County will pay for the bridge improvements. United Consulting believes there is room for savings in the approach work to the bridges. There may also be some room for savings in the design phase and land acquisition.

The project will be bid out once plans have been finalized. No timeline was given for any possible bridge replacement. Larrison says if they did the work, they would develop the plans.

“We would provide plans to the contractors that want to bid it,” says Larrison. “Once they bid it, we would help evaluate the bids for you, and then help you select the contractor that would ultimately do the work.”

In bridge repair work, certain parts of the bridge can be reused, savings up to $50-thosuand.

United Consulting says they will roll out their analysis when the Commissioners are ready to take on the project.