INDOT Repairing Cracks on Highways


With the winter season coming up, the Indiana Department of Transportation says to be on the lookout for crews sealing and filling cracks in the pavement on area highways.

Cracking occurs when traffic and changes in temperature create strain on the pavement. INDOT says filling and sealing these cracks early can help extend the life of the road’s surface and prevent the formation of potholes by keeping water and debris out of the pavement.

Here’s how the sealing and filling process works:

Cracks are air blasted to remove dust and debris. Then, the sealing or filling material is applied from the bottom up to reduce the chance of air being trapped in the cracks. Finally, blotting material such as sand or toilet paper might be used to prevent the seal or filling from tracking under traffic, especially if it doesn’t have time to cure before traffic runs over it.

Sealing and filling is done during the fall and spring since the temperatures are more moderate and the cracks are between their extremes. Doing the work before it gets too cold also prevents frost from forming during crack repairs.