Knox School Board Approves Teacher Contract

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox Federation of Teachers (KFT) and the Knox Community Schools have ratified a document that provides for a “status quo” agreement for the current year. The document follows last year’s contract. The School Board ratified the agreement last night; the KFT approved it on September 30th.

The 2016 budgets were unanimously approved as presented and reviewed at the September 21st meeting.

Superintendent A. J. Gappa reported that the most recent ADA report (average daily attendance) was 1,888 students; 836 elementary, 448 middle school; and 604 high school students. There will be another count in February. The count is used to determine financial support from the state.

The “Spotlight on Success” agenda item featured three middle school students reporting on the recent very successful College Goal Week activity. One student was proud to say that he expects to be the first college student in his family. Many students filled out tentative college enrollment forms. Ms. Sonia Hensley is the counselor.