NIPSCO Forecasts Lower Winter Heating Bills


NIPSCO natural gas customers can expect lower heating bills this winter, according to information from the utility company. Officials cite a combination of current market projections and the assumption of normal winter weather as factors in their projection of a 30-percent reduction over last year’s residential heating costs.

The winter heating season starts Nov. 1st and continues through March 31st. During that time, NIPSCO officials say an average residential customer using 620.7 therms can expect to pay $344.94, compared to $495.15 during the same time period last year.

NIPSCO Residential Winter Bill Projection
November December January February March Total
2015-2016 $40.25 $64.54 $90.57 $84.27 $65.31 $344.94
2014-2015 $53.16 $97.92 $130.89 $113.24 $99.94 $495.15
Usage 62.3 therms 115

Market forecasts, supply trends and storage levels are all factored into the forecast, which is based on normal weather projections. NIPSCO officials say usage amounts and bills could be higher than projected if temperatures are colder than normal.

NIPSCO also offers options for customers who are experiencing financial difficulties or are trying to balance their household budgets. Payment arrangements can be made by contacting NIPSCO’s 24-hour customer care center. The utility company also offers a free BudgetPlan service to customers. It allows them to spread their gas costs out over an entire year. Low income customers may also qualify for state and federal utility assistance dollars as well as support funds from other NIPSCO programs. Visit your local community action agency for more information. Visit for more information.