O-D Schools Superintendent Anticipates New Job with Delphi School Corporation

Greg Briles
Oregon-Davis Superintendent Greg Briles

The Oregon-Davis school corporation may soon be on a search for a Superintendent of its own.

Current Superintendent Greg Briles says he intends to submit a letter of resignation that is expected to become official at the school board meeting on November 16th. Briles was offered a position as Superintendent with the Delphi Community School Corporation.

Briles says the change was a tough decision, but says there are things that will stick with him following his time at Oregon-Davis.

“All of those incredible accomplishments that those students have achieved after leaving Oregon-Davis,” says Briles. “I think it’s those things that stand out: that they were prepared for that next step.”

Briles has been with Oregon-Davis for 14 years, both as a Principal and as Superintendent for the past three years. He was an educator with the Knox school corporation prior to his time with Oregon-Davis.

Family reasons were cited among the reasons for the job change. Briles says his family lives in the Lafayette area.

Remaining positive about the accomplishments of his students, Briles thanked the school community.

“Everything that Oregon-Davis has done for me over the past 14 years, it has been my pleasure to serve this community,” says Briles.

The Oregon-Davis school board will likely begin a search with the anticipated resignation.

Briles’ last day will be December 31st.