OD Schools Assessing Options Following Resource Officer Resignation

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Corporation is assessing its options following the resignation of one of its school resource officers.

The positions were created two years ago with the help of grant funds to aid in the enhancement of school safety. Kyle Hinds, one of the resource officers accepted a position outside of the area.

OD Superintendent Greg Briles says they are in the process of evaluating the future of the position.

“It’s kind of one of those things: long-term, we want to replace the position,” says Briles. “Short-term, we’re going to see where we’re at, how we stand with our finances, and how it ties into our current grant and make sure everything is feasible before we move forward.”

Frank Lonigro will remain in the second school resource officer post.

The matching grant runs January through December with applications due at the end of October each year. Other options for the grant funds include GPS for buses and door replacement.

Briles says if the grant can’t be reconciled with the cost of the resource officers, they’ve got to make a few decisions.

“Then we could look at something where we have a resource officer that is here three out of five days per week, four out of five days or something like that and make sure every avenue has been searched,” says Briles.

The resource officers have helped implement safety protocols and intruder protections in their time with the school corporation.