Poll Watchers Approved Following N.J.-S.P. Referendum Committee Request


The Starke County Election Board has approved the use of poll watchers for a referendum affecting the North Judson – San Pierre school corporation.

The community itself, and the surrounding Townships affected by the vote, will consider a temporary increase in the property tax levy during the November General Election. The school corporation intends to use the expected revenue increase to fund what they consider crucial educational services.

During Monday evening’s meeting, the Starke County Election Board reviewed a petition submitted by the “N.J.-S.P. Fund our Future Committee” to use poll watchers to oversee the voting process. Poll watchers typically try to ensure lawful voting activities take place, and attempt to prevent the miscounting of ballots by election officials.

The petition was checked against a list of registered voters in the community prior to approval. A motion to approve the use of poll watchers was approved, unanimously. Those participating must sign the proper paperwork prior to becoming certified as a poll watcher.

According to Starke County Clerk Vicki Cooley, a single poll watcher is allowed per precinct at any given time on Election Day. Her offices will make identifiable badges for the poll watchers to make themselves known.

Election Day will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd.