Prosecutor, Students Partner to Share Important Message

Cyber SecurityStudents from Starke County’s three high schools have an important message for their peers about the long-term consequences of their online activity. Prosecutor Nick Bourff is trying to raise awareness of sexting, cyber-bullying and other types of high-tech harassment that may not only cause pain and embarrassment but may also carry criminal consequences.He recently enlisted the help of students from Knox, North Judson-San Pierre and Oregon-Davis to get the word out.

Bourff says he thought it would help to have teenagers write the scripts in an effort to create a message younger people will listen to and understand. First he met with the principals at the three high schools and says they were extremely supportive.

“I had two students from each high school. They could not have been better to work with. They all came up with their own take on it. They were quick about writing it. They were eager to get in and record it. All three groups came up with a different approach to the message and how best to spread the word about this.”

Bourff says he’s very impressed with the finished products. He hopes they will be an eye-opener to young people.

“When we first sat down, the students were kind of surprised by some of the consequences to these things. So I thought that’s exactly what I was looking for, what is it that would surprise students. Let’s hit on that to spread that message, to get people’s attention, specifically younger people’s attention around the county to these issues and these problems and make them aware of it.”

All three PSA’s are now in rotation on WKVI.

Maria Hasnerl, Starke County Prosecutor Nick Bourff and Nathan Gagnon from Knox High School




Sidnee Frasure, Starke County Prosecutor Nick Bourff and Ashley Eichelberger from North Judson-San Pierre High School


Lexi Minix, Starke County Prosecutor Nick Bourff and Cameron Clarke from Oregion-Davis High School