Pulaski County Continues to Seek Nominations for Bicentennial Torch Relay

Indiana BicentennialPulaski County’s still looking for nominations for torchbearers for next year’s Indiana Bicentennial celebration.

Indiana Bicentennial Pulaski County Coordinator Krysten Hinkle says a wide range of people can be nominated, “Basically, we’re looking for people who have made an impact in their community. The nomination criteria is that basically they have achieved personal or professional excellence or celebrity status or they’ve made an outstanding contribution to their community through service, stewardship, or involvement.”

She says they’re looking for 12 to 15 people to carry the torch as it passes through the county next October, but right now, they only have five, “I know that Pulaski County has a lot of people who have served their community. We’re a small community. We have a lot of helpers. We have a lot of volunteers and we’ve had a lot of people who have made Pulaski County a better place, and so I know we should have more nomination forms than we have right now.”

Hinkle says the torchbearers’ duties won’t be too extensive, “The only thing the torchbearer has to do is walk up to a quarter of a mile with the torch in their hand. We will be allowing their loved ones possibly to walk with them, depending on the route. The torch itself will actually have a live feed video attached to it, so whatever people end up being selected as torchbearers will actually be able to be visible from all over the world via the live stream.”

You can nominate someone at indiana2016.org/torchrelay, or you can pick up a paper application at the Pulaski County Community Development Commission office.