Pulaski County Furthers Discussion on Animal Housing Problem

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County is continuing discussions on what has become a bit of an animal problem.

The issue surfaced last week during a joint session of the Pulaski County Council and County Commissioners. Talks continued during last night’s Commissioners meeting to find space to properly house the animals.

Commission President Larry Brady says the county has property by the recycling transfer station.

“The animals that we do get will need to be housed appropriately and be in a heated/air conditioned facility,” says Brady. “You just don’t leave them outside, you can have a dog run, but you don’t just put them in a gated area out undercover.”

Pulaski County has debated getting into the animal business on a full-time basis as part of the loose discussions.

Without adequate space, the County could be looking at an increase in euthanizations. Conversations with Starke County have taken place since last week’s joint meeting to perhaps take more of the unwanted, lost, or adoptable pets in Pulaski County.

A prefabricated facility could satisfy Pulaski County’s needs over the long-term. Brady says he’d prefer to see plans develop over the next five years.

“What is our five-year goal here?” says Brady. “Are we going to have a building? Or are we going to continue putting band-aid fixes on this? I’d rather not continue putting band-aids on it, I’d like to have some direction.”

In the short term, Pulaski County would like to enter into a contract with Starke County to help with the current pet surplus.

No decisions were made by the Commissioners.