Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

Halloween-trick-or-treatGhouls and goblins will be out this Saturday, or at least children dressed like them.

That’s why law enforcement agencies in the Hoosier State have provided parents with tips to keep their kids safe.

Dressing trick-or-treaters in short costumes can help prevent tripping and unexpected falls. Navigating traffic, however, is cited as a primary concern for children going door-to-door in search of snacks.

To help with this, the Indiana State Police have recommended wearing light colors to be more visible, and using make-up instead of wearing masks. The use of masks can obstruct vision, making simple tasks such as crossing the street more difficult.

Putting children in groups, mapping out a safe route, and knowing the homes to which they’re traveling can also help children have a fun and safe evening.

Parents are also encouraged to remind their children not to eat any of the treats they receive until they get home. This will allow parents to check the candy for opened packages, or potentially dangerous objects.

Younger children may also move door-to-door while the sun is still up to keep them visible to parents at all times.