Starke County Historical Society Welcomes Intern

Starke County Historical SocietyShades of Robert DeNiro. The Starke County Museum has an older intern, somewhat as DeNiro plays in the his popular new movie.  Fred Tressler, a retired steel worker has begun a second career in … history.

“I chose Starke because I was interested in the startup idea of a new facility and getting in at the ground level,” Tressler said. “I am a nontraditional student. I actually got interested in going to college when I was 50 years old, primarily because I want to bone up on my writing skills. My original plan was to take a few English classes and get a little better at writing. As a half-time student, my four years will take closer to 10.”

Tressler comes on board as the Starke County Museum prepares to expand into the former office of Dr. Walter Fritz on U.S. 35 South in Knox. He continues his practice in facilities on Edgewood Drive in Knox. Presently the Starke County Museum is located in the Knox home of former Gov. and Mrs. Henry F. Schricker on Main Street in Knox. It will remain a part of the museum, but the new space will provide room for additional displays.