Starke County Council Mulls Ambulance Purchase


The Starke County Council wants input from the commissioners before proceeding with the purchase of a new ambulance. EMS Director Keith Emigh is looking to replace the 2009 Ford truck based at Grovertown due to extensive mechanical issues. He contacted five vendors and got two responses. One is from a company in Elkhart, and the other is from a vendor in New Jersey. Their prices are within a few hundred dollars of one another. Emigh told the council he would prefer to make the purchase closer to home in case issues arise with the truck.

Before agreeing to spend the money, the commissioners want to discuss long-range capital asset acquisition plans for both the sheriff’s office and EMS. Vehicles for both are normally purchased with money in the cumulative capital development fund. Auditor Kay Chaffins advised the ambulance can be paid for from the county’s rainy day fund, but doing so will require a supermajority vote by the council.