Starke County Election Board Finalizes Election Plans


Supporters of the North Judson-San Pierre School funding referendum have gathered the necessary signatures to ask the county to allow poll watchers at the precincts within the district. They will double check names of likely voters against voter registration lists to ensure supporters of the effort turn out to vote. The election board will review the signatures on the petitions to make sure they are all registered voters who live within the county before approving the request during a meeting next week.In other business, several candidates have yet to turn in their necessary financial forms. Instructions for doing so and deadlines are included with the paperwork they get when they declare their candidacy. The election board agreed to have the clerk’s office give each of them a courtesy telephone call advising the forms need to be turned in by noon on Monday, Oct. 26. If they aren’t received, each candidate will get a letter outlining the consequences of not filing everything timely. They include fines as outlined in state law.