Starke County Historical Society Seeks Schricker Memories

Gov. Henry F. Schricker
Gov. Henry F. Schricker

Did you know Governor and Mrs. Schricker?

The Starke county Historical Society is asking everyone who may have known the former Governor or members of his family, to share stories with them.

Were you the Schricker’s paperboy? Did your mother serve on a committee with Mrs. Schricker? Did you ever accompany the “Man in the White Hat” on one of his famous walks around Knox?

No matter how big or how small you think your story might be, the Society encourages you to share your memories with them.

They are also looking for pictures and other Shricker-related items. Donations can be tax deductible. Contact your tax professional for specific information.

If you can take a moment to share a memory to preserve Starke County history call Marilyn Folkers at 574-772-4554 to discuss it with you.