Starke County to Review Bass Lake Beach Lease

bass lake beach-front gateStarke County’s lease-contract with Rich Callahan for operation of the Bass Lake Beach is expected to be fully reviewed soon for the County Park Board by the county’s attorney Martin Lucas and David Wallsmith, attorney for Mr. Callahan.

When reviewing some of the expenses submitted by Mr. Callahan, the board could not fully determine which were capital investments and which were maintenance under the terms of the contract.  The review of the contract also hopes to clarify the condition of the property at the time the lease was implemented.
Bass Lake resident Jerry Broadstreet discussed with the board Department of Natural Resources requirements for eradication of invasive exotic vegetation in the lake.
The recent open house at the 129-acre Starke County Forest was reported to have had 85 area participants. No change in the beavers habitat was reported. Dry weather has kept surrounding properties normally dry. The Forest, located at 10625 Division Road Rd, has trails open to the public for hiking, bird watching, jogging, and in the winter season, cross country skiing.
The board will meet again on Nov. 17th in the Courthouse Annex at 6 p.m.