Starke Humane Society Expects Pulaski County Capacity Problems to Subside

Starke County Humane SocietyThe Starke County Humane Society anticipates an increase in the animal population from Pulaski County may be seasonal.

Discussions have taken place for several weeks in Pulaski County regarding animal control, and its capacity to hold the animals while awaiting adoption. Pulaski County can temporarily hold lost, stray, or unwanted animals until room becomes available at the Starke County Humane Society. The relationship between the two counties has been ongoing for years.

Starke County Humane Society Director Shanna Lloyd says a few recent changes in staffing have taken place in Pulaski County’s animal control services.

“I think things sometimes just get a little off track before that is a normal routine for the animal control officer,” says Lloyd.

Often, when capacity is reached in Starke County, animal control officers may be asked to temporarily hold an animal at their residence.

Pulaski County, however, has considered constructing additional kennels in the short-term to hold all the animals that have come to them. Putting heating and air-conditioning into the kennel facility has also been mentioned.

Lloyd says Pulaski County may also be considering changes during a time when there’s an uptick in stray animal populations.

“This is the mating season for not only wildlife, but domestic animals as well,” says Lloyd. “And all animal shelters nationwide will see a huge upswing in the number of check-ins they’ll have during this time of year.”

Pulaski County has also discussed long-term plans that could potentially see them enter the animal control business, or work with Starke County to expand capacity.

Additional discussions in Pulaski County are anticipated to take place in the future.