Time Change Prompts Safety Reminder

Fall Time ChangeIt’s time to “fall back in the fall.” Dayling Saving Time ends early tomorrowmorning, so be sure to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night. State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson says it’s also a good time to change batteries in smoke alarms and remove dust from the front of the devices. He recommends having at least one working smoke detector in a residence and says they should ideally be placed outside of each sleeping area and on each floor of a home.

Greeson notes they are very inexpensive and can potentially save lives, especially if a fire starts in the middle of the night.

Smoke alarms should be tested monthly to ensure they are working properly. Devices that are more than 10 years old should be replaced. Greeson says long-life smoke detectors with lithium-powered batteries may not require a change for the life of the device. Other batteries should be changed twice annually.

He also suggests devising a family escape plan and practicing it every six months. It should include at least two ways to get out of various parts of the home and a special meeting place outside for everyone to gather safely.