West Central Pleased With Wind Turbine Investment

West Central Wind TurbineThe wind turbine on the West Central Schools campus has proven to be a sound investment for the corporation. Superintendent Don Street says it conserves energy and helps keep electric bills in check. He says June, July and August are traditionally slow months in terms of wind production. It picks up in September through the winter months, though. West Central is on net metering through NIPSCO, which allows the corporation to build up credits during heavy wind months and use them during slower months.

The turbine is located behind the school and is visible from U.S. 421. Street says it’s quite the conversation starter. He says people stop and ask about it and call the corporation to inquire. There’s a large wind farm farther south in Benton and White Counties, and Street says there’s talk about building more turbines in the region. He adds West Central is well situated for wind production and recommends schools with similar setups look into building turbines.

“I think that with the rising costs of utilities and projections over the years it’s just a real positive situation for everybody,” Street said.

Find more information about the West Central wind turbine online at http://www.wcsc.k12.in.us/index.php?option=com_docman&view=download&alias=141-wcsc-turbine-faq-s-1&category_slug=school-board-documents-1&Itemid=107