Appraisals Being Reviewed on Land Targeted for Pulaski Industrial Park Development

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentCheck another item off the list for the development of Pulaski County’s proposed rail-served industrial park.

During Monday evening’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting, Pulaski County Economic Development Director Nathan Origer said he had received appraisals back on property the county has an interest in.

Appraisal on the land was conducted after receiving the landowners permission in September of this year. Origer says Pulaski County used a local appraiser to perform the work and then used a firm based in Merrillville to review that appraisal.

“A mixture of similar quality soil and sized agricultural sales and some similarly sized industrial development sales, like some land that was sold up in the Knox Industrial Park,” says Origer. “So he used a little bit of both to come to his totals.”

The review appraisal found no problems with the original appraisal.

According to previous statements made by Origer, it is important to have adequate research on the land prior to applying for federal grants to aid in the development of the rail-served industrial park.

Landowners have been given a copy of the appraisals conducted by Pulaski County. Now, Origer says, an assessment of their comfort level will begin, perhaps allowing a negotiation to take place.

“Once they’re good with numbers I’ll work with (Pulaski County Attorney) Kevin (Tankersely) to get some paperwork drawn up and we’ll start being able to move forward and get a little more serious about that,” says Origer.

Pulaski County Economic Development has $50-thousand budget this year and next for a possible land acquisition or option.

Origer said the appraisal was comparable to what they were expecting.