Bass Lake Campground Lessee Seeks Clarification on Contract Terms

bass lake beach-front gateThe Starke County Park Board plans to encourage cross country skiers to use the County Forest if it can get access to a snowmobile to groom the trails. A mid-July date for another open house at the Forest is under consideration.

To make the public more aware of the forest’s facilities the board is discussing developing a website and installing signs directing interested people to the parking lot on Division Road.
After a discussion of a possible device that can be installed to deter beavers from blocking pond drains, the beaver matter was put on “hold” until a new County Surveyor is selected. The current County Surveyor, Dennis Estok, assumes the responsibilities of Mayor of the City of Knox on January 1st.
There was discussion with Rich Callahan, who leases of the Bass Lake Beach, about the closing date which had been set for October 31st. Campers and hunters were sighted in the area after the closing date. Mr. Callahan reported that those campers were “day campers” and did not stay overnight.
Callahan’s attorney, David Wallsmith, asked to meet with the county attorney to clarify lease definitions such as the “reassignment of the beach and campground” as well as “defining rent portion” of the lease. Also in question is whether the sewer bill is considered to be “rent or utilities.”