Costs May Put Damper on Pulaski County Technology Upgrades

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Council may be searching for additional funding for future technology upgrades.

During a similar presentation, new Pulaski County IT Director RB Walters presented plans to enhance security in the county and ensure proper data backups. Walters was hired a couple of months ago as a way to maintain county computer systems.

Walters says the budget he’s developed is simply an educated guess.

“Do I know that that is a good estimate of where we’re at? No, I don’t that we’re at a good estimate, it could be another $200-thousand more than that,” says Walters. “This is my thought on where I think the county should end up. There’s nothing saying that it couldn’t be $100-thousand less than what I think it should be, but I think it’s agood start.”

As part of the plans, changing the way Pulaski County backs up its data and provides is considered essential.

How to pay for the project remains a primary concern for the Pulaski County Council.

Tens of thousands of dollars would be required to purchase the necessary hardware. Walters was hired on in Pulaski County without much of a budget. Funds were borrowed for a couple departments in order to afford the salary.

Council Member Mike Tiede says the county should work to give their hire the needed tools.

“We’re paying you a wage and we give you nothing to work with,” says Tiede. “He’s got to have something to work with. That’s like being a mechanic and having no tools.”

Following the presentation, Council members requested that Walters provide an analysis for how exactly to pay for the upgrades.

The Pulaski County Council plans to take the issue up at their meeting in December.