Demolition Begins on Radioville Bowling Alley


Demolition work has started on a bowling alley deemed unsafe by the Pulaski County Building Inspector.

Countryside Bowling Lanes was slated for demolition last year. The financial situation of the property owner prevented such a demolition from taking place, prompting a request for an extension of the demolition order.

Pulaski County Building Office Assistant Quentin Blount says the initial tear down plan was brought into their offices last year.

“She, at one point, just sort of wanted to walk away from the property and sign it over to the County, but our commissioners were totally against that,” says Blount.

The roof at the Radioville-based bowling alley had collapsed – which led to the initial call for demolition. Fences were erected to protect the public from the building.

Since the extension requests, work has started on the structure’s demolition. An excavating crew has been tearing down the structure and removing some of the debris. The North will be saved for a neighboring property owner who wishes to purchase the structure.

Blount says that process may take some time.

“Now that some demolition and some clean-up has taken place, I’m sure the talks are escalating, but I don’t think there has been any processed transaction just yet,” says Blount.

The Pulaski County Building office must clear the site for new development once the demolition has been completed.

Any purchaser of the site can build or salvage on the site was a transfer of deed has taken place.