Knox Officials Prepare for Transition

City_of_Knox_LogoKnox Mayor Rick Chambers has instructed city department heads to develop priority lists for the new administration. Dennis Estok is set to take over as mayor on Jan. 1.

He will decide what to do about two vehicles the city no longer uses. One is a Chevrolet Tahoe with a motor problem, and the other is a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria patrol car with transmission issues. The recent purchase of a new Dodge Charger for the Knox Police Department means it can be retired from the fleet.

Chambers also told Water Superintendent Todd Gardner and Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons to assess the needs of their respective departments and prepare a report for the new mayor. Gardner noted during Wednesday’s board of works meeting well three is down to pumping at 65 to 75 percent. That repair has been put off in the past due to a lack of funds. The city recently completed a utility rate study and may have to pursue an increase in order to pay for infrastructure updates.

Clemons also listed several issues at the wastewater treatment plant that will need attention. She did note the amount of debris getting in the lines from the new jail has improved significantly since staff there started asking inmates to turn their commissary bags back in.