Health Insurance Open Enrollment Now Underway


Open Enrollment for health insurance policies is now underway, and the Indiana Department of Insurance is encouraging Hoosiers to review their current coverage and check to see what else is available.

They say by shopping and comparing different plan options, you might be able to save money by finding a plan that better fits your health needs. Hoosiers are also encouraged to check a plan’s provider network and prescription drug coverage before switching, to make sure your doctor and prescriptions are covered. It’s important to double-check, since insurance companies can change their offerings from year to year.

The Department of Insurance also recommends that residents update their application for the federal insurance Marketplace, to make sure that income and household-member information is up-to-date.

Open Enrollment continues through January 31, but you need to enroll in a plan and pay the first month’s premium no later than December 15 for coverage to start on January 1.

To see what companies’ plans are available locally, visit Indiana’s Healthcare Reform website. For the federal Marketplace, visit