Just in Time for Snow Forecast, Indiana Recognizes Winter Weather Preparedness

 Snow is in the forecast for Saturday, and the Indiana Department of Transportation is readying for the change in weather.

The snowfall is being predicted during what Governor Mike Pence declared Winter Weather Preparedness Week. The recognition started on Sunday and lasts through Saturday.

INDOT says, however, they have been preparing for possible accumulation this week since the spring.

Nearly 278-thousand tons of granular salt was used on state roadways last year. INDOT says it still has a reserve of more than 193-thousand tons, available. More is being delivered daily according to a press release.

INDOT lists removing snow and preventing ice as one of its priorities, stretching across more than 11-thousand miles of interstates. In preparation for the winter, INDOT says it has purchased new snow plow equipment and has been recruiting workers to keep the trucks running.

Meteorologists are predicting a possible precipitation total reaching two or three inches. INDOT says, however, that their work during the summer months of repairing and preventing potholes should help prevent additional road damage.

Alerts on road conditions and warnings can be found on the Indiana Department of Transportation website.