Knox School Board Reviews Transportation Replacement Needs

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox School board, in a divided decision, voted to continue with its current property casualty insurance provider, First Source Bank, Liberty Mutual. It had heard a presentation from a school cooperative provider of insurance last month.

The Transportation Director, Mark Jensen, reported that the Corporation has a total of 49 transportation vehicles. Nine of them are 12 years-old or older. The fleet includes 27 diesel passenger buses and 2 gas powered. The school also has 10 mini buses and several pick-up trucks.
Jensen said the immediate replacement need was one large passenger bus and two mini vans.
Board president Kirk Bennett suggested the board soon look into gas verses diesel power vehicles and the possibility of leasing some of the fleet.
High School principal, Elizabeth Radcliff reported several thousand books had been received from the Teacher’s Store in Mishawaka at no cost. The books were made available to students and instructors. Readers may exchange them when they have completed their first book selection.