Council Appropriates Money for Highway Department Maintenance

starke-county-courthouseStarke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler can reinvest money taken in by his department into repairs to the county highway garage. The county council recently approved the appropriation of money generated from permits, mechanical labor, auctions, scrap and other income sources into highway department building maintenance. Ritzler says this will allow him to follow a five-year facilities plan without asking for money from the county.

He presented a schedule of proposed upgrades and renovations to the county council.

“These are all we feel necessary upgrades for the facility,” he said. “After that we won’t have to buy a new building or do anything else. In the long run it will save the county money.”

No comments were offered during a required public hearing on Ritzler’s appropriation request. Funds will have to be appropriated into building maintenance from the MVH account each year.