Pulaski County Departments Make Budget Change Requests

Pulaski County CourthouseDepartment heads in Pulaski County were busy this week attempting to balance certain budget line items before the end of the fiscal year.

During their Monday meeting, the Pulaski County Council considered multiple transfer requests crossing several different disciplines to keep certain funds out of the red, and assist with other costs that are considered additionals.

Pulaski County Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship requested monies to balance the court’s jury fund. Judge Blankenship says the fund is often unknown at the start of the year due to changes in personnel or the cases being handled.

The end of the year often marks budget changes to get departments through the end of the year in the black.

The Highway Department requested funds be transferred into their overtime budget to help them through the end of the year, for example. Additional funds were also requested to help with a rash of repairs affecting their trucks and tractors.

The Pulaski County Council approved the requested budget changes, including those in the Recycling and Transfer Station. That department is transferring $20-thousand from a foreman position to help make payroll for part-time employees for the rest of the year.

The Sheriff’s Department also requested transfers for building and structure repairs at the jail, but wanted a transfer to cover the cost of new uniforms that took place during the year.

The Pulaski County Council approved all of the transfer requests.