Starke County Commissioners Question EMS Purchases


The recent purchase of jackets for full-time Starke County EMS employees who work “consistent monthly hours” has raised some eyebrows. Director Keith Emigh told the county commissioners Monday the coats have reflective safety strips on them and incorporate the new logo patch recently designed for the service. He adds they are the property of the service and will need to be returned if an employee quits or is fired.

The commissioners questioned why the county is paying for coats in the first place. Emigh said they are part of the winter uniform for EMT’s and paramedics who respond to calls in all types of weather and may find themselves on the side of the road rendering medical care. The coats cost the county $44 each.

Emigh also purchased new t-shirts and stocking hats for employees and submitted a claim to cover the cost of everything. The commissioners asked him to discuss such purchases with them in the future before proceeding.