Starke County Council Defers Action on Ambulance Purchase

starke-county-courthouseStarke County officials will decide during an upcoming work session whether to repair or replace a 2009 ambulance. EMS Director Keith Emigh has asked for money to purchase a new truck due to extensive mechanical problems with the rig based at Grovertown. Most recently it lost a cylinder, which prompted the request.

A new truck will cost more than $100,000. Money could be pulled from the cumulative capital development fund. That’s also the funding source for new patrol cars for the sheriff’s office, which are due to be purchased early next year.

The council and commissioners agreed to discuss the matter further during a joint work session scheduled for Monday, Dec. 14. They also intend to talk about how to pay for extensive courthouse repairs and renovations and what priority to give the five year road upgrade plan offered recently by Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler and Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Charlie Weaver.