Students Share Science Knowledge With School Board

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox School Board was delighted to see and hear a dozen of Mrs. Woods’ Elementary Science students explain their Science Fair projects Monday night. The assignment was “the Solar System.” The students brought and explained many imaginative and detailed displays.

A parent reported her displeasure to the Board because her high school student daughter was sent home after she had dyed a “pink stripe” in her hair in support of cancer survivors. The mother explained that she, too, was a survivor. She said a girl with hair dyed purple was not sent home. Her second complaint was that a teacher had said in a classroom that “depression” is not an illness. The Board heard the remarks and took them under consideration.

Representatives from 1st Source/Liberty Mutual Insurance offered a rebuttal to the presentation made by a school insurance cooperative last month. The Board is expected to make a decision on an insurance carrier soon.