The Crossing Highlights Student Success in Fall Banquet

The CrossingStudents from The Crossing Educational Center shared stories from their lives and were able to showcase their work during an event held Tuesday night in North Judson.

Twice each year, the alternative education provider invites students, their families, and members of the community to observe the progress at “The Crossing.” The school attracts students deemed unsuccessful in a formal public school setting from across Starke County.

Courtney Gant is the Campus Administrator at “The Crossing” in Knox. She says much of the night put a focus on student achievement.

“A lot of them were sharing what brought them to our school, past decisions, and past mistakes that they’ve made that have gotten them here,” says Gant. “Then the different ways that they’ve learned and risen above and made better choices in where they’re at today, academically and personally.”

Part of the learning environment is the management of a micro-business.

Students salvage wood, using the product to manufacture furniture for sale. Proceeds from the sales benefit The Crossing Educational Center’s initiatives and programs.

According to Gant, the fall banquet was a success in this respect, as well – selling nearly all of the furniture put on display.

“We did an auction, a silent auction, for the furniture,” says Gant. “We sold every piece except for one that we set out there and we got really good prices, and people really liked what they bought.”

“The Crossing” has locations across Indiana. CEO of the service provider, Rob Staley, addressed those in attendance about his company’s goals and its history.

The next banquet for the educational center will be held in the spring.