Winamac Community Looks to Organize in Downtown Revitalization Effort

winamacWinamac is taking steps to revitalize its downtown by working to join a state revitalization program.

Talks are still in their preliminary stages, but Winamac has held one meeting with the Town government, Pulaski County Economic Development, and downtown Winamac businesses to prepare themselves for taking on the task of joining the Indiana Main Street Program.

Winamac Town Clerk Melanie Berger says there are several reasons for pursuing the program.

“We would like to see the downtown improve with businesses and maybe get more involvement with the community for downtown and get some growth,” says Berger.

The Indiana Main Street Program looks to join public and private sector investment to improve the look of the downtown of a community, enhance its organizing efforts, and identify businesses that could cultivate a downtown as the center of commerce in that community. It’s run through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

In order to move forward, there are a few steps that must be taken. Berger says part of that is a questionnaire.

“They review it and then they let us know if we can proceed on with the program, the Indiana Main Street Program,” says Berger.

The program is not a grant, though they are available through the program. According to information provided by OCRA, 21-thousand jobs have been added since the program’s inception in 1985.

Berger says all future working will depend on what the staff overseeing the program say about their questionnaire and application.