Following Appraisals, Pulaski Economic Development Awaits Landowner Response

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentPulaski County’s Economic Development team is awaiting responses from landowners critical to the development of their rail-served industrial park.

Appraisals were recently conducted on the land with the figures being used to negotiate a first-purchase option. Pulaski County has targeted certain land as critical spots to possibly develop the industrial park.

Economic Development Executive Director Nathan Origer says they have copies of the appraisals.

“We’re not discussing final sale costs, we’re just making sure they’re comfortable enough with the appraised value, per the appraisal that we’ve had done, to move forward with coming to an agreement with the county on an option on the land and a value to that option,” says Origer.

Not much information has been gathered at this time. Origer says he hopes to gain feedback from the landowners by the end of the calendar year.

Should land targeted for expansion and development eventually be sold. Pulaski County is readying to be in a position to have a first-purchase option on it. As things stand now, Origer says talks with those landowners have been positive.

Should discussions fall through, Pulaski County’s Economic Development efforts for the Industrial Park would target land elsewhere.

“To this point, they’re still on board,” says Origer. “We have a few other properties that we did study and if this falls through, then we turn our attention to another property.”

The land options and the appraisals will be used for the application of a federal grant.

If approved those grant funds would be used for infrastructure development, land acquisition, and other projects.