Former Sportsman’s Demolition Remains at Standstill

sportsmans chain link fenceLittle progress has been seen on the expected demolition of the former Sportsman’s Bar and Grill in Monterey.

Pulaski County Building Inspector Dave Dare says at this time, there’s not a lot his offices can do. The location had a Demolition Order filed against it after the roof collapsed earlier this year, leaving debris and possibly hazardous materials behind.

Dare says the process is in a bit of a waiting game.

“Right now, everything is at a standstill, I haven’t been asked to do anything more on it just as of yet,” says Dare.

According to the Building Department, Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley has plans to call the owner of the property to court. The owner has unpaid fines in the range of $10-thousand filed against the property, in addition to the demolition costs.

A fence has been constructed around the site to prevent residents from entering the site and improve safety. In previous meetings, Pulaski County’s Building Department has even offered to help pay for asbestos abatement.

Dare says Tanksersley and his offices will be in communication about the matter.

“He didn’t really say whether we’d get anything,” says Dare. “There are those fines, I’m sure that he would put it towards the fines, unless they would be dropped, but as far as I know, they wouldn’t be dropped.”

Pulaski County still has the option to increase fines. County officials, however, are skeptical the added incentive will work to their advantage.

For now, Dare says he is largely awaiting any news or decisions to come out of the courts in Pulaski County before proceeding.