Couple Pleads with Pulaski County to Intervene on Library Closure

Pulaski County CourthouseA couple of concerned citizens have requested the help of the Pulaski County Commissioners.

The Medaryville branch of the Pulaski County Public Library is slated to close or, at the very least, operate with limited internet capacity by the end of the year. The location is shutting its door to full services due to a lack of funding and a lack of use by patrons.

Susan Bergens says having a library at the location is crucial to the integrity of the county.

“You know there is a division of feelings in this county between people and geographic areas and this library issue is creating an uproar,” says Bergens.

Both Bergens and her husband James, who is the President of the West Central School Board, requested the Pulaski County Commissioners attempt to influence Library Board members to reverse their decision to close the branch.

The Commissioners are largely unable to intervene, directly, but are able to offer resources, such as pointing them in the direction of grants and a few other maneuvers. Members expressed sympathy with the cause to keep the Medaryville branch operating.

Bergens says having a library in the location shows a sense of community.

“There is not a great deal of businesses or other ways of enticing people to Medaryville, but if we lose the library, we lose a lot,” says Bergens.

Library board members have considered changing the hours of operation as well as the activities and materials offered.

The Commissioners did not offer to help further, but appreciated the sentiment.