Second Salvage Yard Arson Trial Set for February

 James Campbell is being compelled to prevent delays in his February jury trial.

Campbell is the man accused of setting fire to his business in March of 2014. During a trial earlier this year that led to a hung jury, Campbell was facing charges, including a Felony count of Arson. He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

During a status hearing on Monday afternoon in Starke County Circuit Court, Campbell was found in Contempt of Court. Judge Kim Hall assured the defendant those charges could be purged provided he cooperate fully with his legal counsel.

The status hearing was set as a method of confirming details prior to a scheduled February jury trial. Two weeks have been blocked-off in the Circuit Court’s calendar: something Judge Hall called a “major deal.”

In preparation for the jury trial, Judge Hall encouraged the state prosecutor’s office and defense counsel to cooperate on providing witness lists. An order was given to the defense to also provide a list of proposed witnesses with their addresses to the court prior to the start of the trial date.

The status hearing was also used to confirm that “metadata” from Campbell’s phone had been exchanged between the two sides. The records will indicate incoming and outgoing calls, their times, and the length of the conversations.

Judge Hall made clear that, given the status hearings, motions for a continuance during the jury trial will likely be denied as a result.