Utility Provider Now Offering Text Alerts During Power Outages

nipsco-logoNIPSCO has developed a new way to report a power outage.

The utility service provider says that electric customers are now able to text the word “Out” to 444111. That will notify the company of a power outage at their place of residence. Businesses may also participate in the new service.

NIPSCO says it now has four ways customers can report a power outage to its service representatives. Over the phone, online, or online by mobile phone are the others in that list.

According to a press release, those submitting a text to report a power outage will receive a response to confirm the outage and its address. The texter will also receive an invitation to receive updates about the power outage as work is progressing to restore energy.

NIPSCO says customers can also prepare themselves in the event of a storm by regularly checking weather reports and updates. Wind and excessive ice are leading causes of power outages in Northern Indiana.