Pulaski County Tables Proposed Handicap Mobility Ordinance

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County may consider future changes to the way off-road vehicles may be used on County Roads and Highway.

During last night’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting, a member of the public approached the board to request that an ordinance be developed to allow for their use for disabled individuals.

Commissioner President Larry Brady says disallowing off-road vehicles on local roadways is designed to improve safety.

“If any of our county roads that has the crest of the hill, and we don’t know what’s on the other side of the crest of that hill, I’m hoping I don’t have to hit my breaks to avoid hitting you,” says Brady.

It is currently illegal for off-road vehicles to travel on county highways. They are, however, allowed under state statute to cross roadways and travel on the right-of-way adjacent to the roadways.

Nearby counties, including Marshall and Fulton Counties already have ordinances in place that establish an ability for individuals to use roadways with their off-road vehicle. Pulaski County does not have one.

Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley says the ordinances in neighboring counties need some work.

“For example, they write pages of additional restrictions: you can’t do it for this, you can’t have that, you can’t do it while drunk,” says Tankersley. “They cite a lot of things that are really unnecessary. Obviously you can’t drink and drive.”

The Pulaski County Commissioners expressed concerns about the liability of allowing off-road vehicles onto local roadways.

The matter was tabled for further consideration.