Outgoing Knox Council Members Recognized for Service

City_of_Knox_LogoIt was the last meeting for a couple of members of the Knox City government.

New members of the Knox Common Council will be seated in January, making Tuesday night’s meeting the board’s last gathering. Knox Mayor Rick Chambers used the opportunity to say his goodbyes to the City’s department heads.

Reading from a proclamation, Chambers had bigger plans for outgoing, but long-serving, Common Council member Linda Berndt.

“I, Rick Chambers, Mayor of the City of Knox Indiana, do hereby declare and ordain that Thursday, December 31st, 2015 will be Councilmember Linda Berndt Day in the City of Knox and invite all citizens in the City of Knox to duly note this occasion and to congratulate Ms. Berndt,” said Chambers.

Berndt served on the Knox City Council between 1996 and 2015, serving as Council President for four years.

Both Berndt and Chambers’ last day in office will be December 31st. Council member Greg Matt will also be outgoing. Incoming Mayor Dennis Estok will take over management in January as will new members of the Common Council.

Reflecting on her 20 years of service, Berndt says she wants Knox to be better at creating jobs.

“Not just minimum wage jobs, right now we’re above that and I want to keep it that way,” says Berndt. “We need to clean up the area and just keep on going the way we have been.”

Matt was equally nostalgic about his time served on the council, making a plea for future council members to dedicate their time to improving their ability to govern

“My hopes are that this council remains very progressive, very open minded, pro- industry, pro-business, and we need to raise the quality of life in this community,” says Matt.

Plaques and going away gifts were presented as part of the recognition.