Culver Council Says Goodbyes to Retiring Members

culver town hall

Tuesday night marked the final meeting of their term for two members of the Culver Town Council.

Ed Pinder will retire from the Council after serving 16 years in the seat. Another member, Jean Rakich, served a shorter one-year term, but was equally thankful for the experience.

The general municipal election held in November will see new members of the Culver Town Council seated in the New Year. During her final comments, Rakich said it was an interesting year of service.

“It’s been an eye-opening experience. Some good, some bad. Mostly, I enjoyed it; mostly,” says Rakich.

Rakich took over for a member who resigned the position in 2014. She will be replaced by Culver native Joel Samuelson the next time the Town Council meets. Culver’s Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe noted Rakich’s sense of humor during meetings that often dealt with divisive issues.

Pinder was nostalgic during his farewell, saying he was proud of the work the Town has conducted. The long-serving council member says he only missed one meeting during his tenure.

“This last council, of course, I really enjoyed working with,” says Pinder. “But I enjoyed working with quite a few Town Councils and pretty much enjoyed working with them most of the time.”

Pinder says that early in is elected career, the Town Council made some mistakes when it came to issues surrounding rate increases and other fees.

The council member was looked to by other members for his consistent method of adjourning Town Council meetings.