AAA Expects Increases in Number of Holiday Travelers

AAAAAA is predicting a recording breaking year for holiday travelers.

The group is expecting nearly one in three Americans will make a trip of 50 miles or more this year. It represents a 1.4-percent increase over the same period one year ago. AAA says the number of travelers has increased each year over the last seven years.

The holiday travel period falls between December 23rd and January 3rd. AAA attributes the increases to improvements in the labor market.

According to a press release, driving continues to lead holiday travel plans for most Americans with 91-million people traveling by car. The increase in motorist travel is also being attributed to some of the lowest gas prices in the last seven years across the nation. Indiana’s statewide average gas price is currently $1.85 per gallon.

To accompany holiday travel plans, rental car and hotel rates are anticipated to increase slightly over the previous year.

With increased travel, comes an increase in the number of stranded motorists. AAA anticipates being called to help 900-thousand drivers during the holiday period.