Commissioners Approve Purchase to Address Beaver Problem


The Starke County Park Board has come up with a possible solution to the beaver problem in the Starke County Forest.

Dams built by the animals are believed to be the cause of flooding problems on nearby land. The park board has considered several remedies, including digging a bypass ditch. For now they’ve opted to spend $3,300 from the Starke County Forest fund on a beaver control device. The county commissioners approved that purchase this week. Park Board President Skyler Ellinger says it extends from the culvert in each direction to move water. He adds similar devices have been used successfully for five years at Potato Creek State Park.

Ellinger also told the commissioners the park board has set definitions for renovations and maintenance at the Bass Lake Beach and Campground as they apply to tenant Richard Callahan’s lease with the county. The improvements at the county-owned amenities offset his annual lease payment. Ellinger says the park board rejected the improvements Callahan submitted and will notify him the rent is due within 60 days. If it is not paid, the board will find him in default. Their next scheduled meeting is in March, but they could call a meeting before then to take care of the issue if necessary.