Hamlet Town Board Approves 2016 Salary Ordinance

Hamlet Fall 5The Hamlet Town Board, last week, approved a three-percent salary increase for 2016,  “across the board,” except for a position which is being held open for a police officer currently “on leave.” The motion included elected officials as well as employees.

The decision was made under unique circumstances. Only two members of the three-person board were present and voting. Each of those two members made a motion regarding the 2016 salary ordinance. They differed only on an increase for the “on leave” officer position.  Town clerk, Kristina Pitts, breaking the stalemate, chose to second the motion that was finally adopted. It was made by acting chairperson Brian Earnest. Board member Frank Lonigro’s motion died for the lack of a second. President David Kesvormas was absent.

Reviewing the 2016 budget, it was reported that the proposed plan of $319,000.000, submitted to the state, was cut by about $18,000.

The Town Board conducted its routine business, while the Park Board, failing to have a quorum of members present, did not meet.

The home decorating winners were announced: 1st place, Keith Ham;  2nd place, Susie Rowles;  3rd place, Mark Weldon; and 4th place, Misty Carey.