INDOT Reminds Motorists to Slow Down


Roads across northwest Indiana are expected to be slick and hazardous into the evening hours. Widespread sleet and freezing rain have blanketed the area since early this morning. INDOT has 170 plow and salt crews on the roads but drivers say the conditions are exceptionally tricky because the wintry mix is washing de-icing materials off the road.

INDOT officials say crews planned well in advance of the storm by watching multiple statewide and local forecasts, pre-treating roadways with de-icing materials late last night and patrolling and watching road sensors before the first precipitation froze. Dozens of plow and salt crews hit the road last night and have been working through the morning hours.

If you do venture out, slow down. Drivers should allow three times the normal following distance between vehicles. Before you leave, clear snow and ice from your entire windshield and other windows. Stay in your lane unless it is absolutely necessary to change. Remember, ice and snow, take it slow. Reduce your speed and drive according to the road conditions.