Knox Police Department Updates Bullet-Proof Vests Following New Purchase


The Knox Police Department has finalized the purchase of some protective equipment that could go a long way toward saving lives.

During last week’s Knox Board of Works meeting, Police Chief Clint Norem said his department had purchased two bullet proof vests. The equipment will replace some aging vests that were due for replacement.

According to numerous sources, vests worn on a daily basis often last less time than vests that are worn on occasion. Caring for the vests remains a huge part of maintaining their usefulness.

During the Board of Works’ meeting earlier this month, funds were authorized for the Police Department’s use. Each vest costs between $500 and $600 to purchase.

Measurements first had to be taken prior to the equipment being ordered. Norem said during the Board of Works meeting last week that dealing with the company supplying the vests was an interesting experience.

No action was taken by the board. The Police Department will use the vests immediately.