Pulaski County to Consider Unified Development Ordinance

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County is preparing to consider the adoption of an ordinance that makes their zoning laws more consistent.

At their meeting on December 7th, the Pulaski County Commissioners will consider their Plan Commission’s recommendation to adopt a “Unified Development Ordinance.”

Under the plan, Pulaski County would repeal their current zoning ordinances – which encompass planning, wind energy, subdivision control, and definitions from 2011 – to replace it with the updated plan.

Pulaski County’s Economic Development efforts have made mention of the ordinance as a way to improve business expansion and retention. The current ordinance is considered to be in need of a few updates.

The matter will go to first reading on Monday evening, but may take a second reading to receive final adoption.

In addition to the zoning ordinance updates, the Pulaski County Commissioners will also consider an updated version of the county’s Right to Farm ordinance. The goal behind the changes is similar to the Unified Development Ordinance.